Guitarator Toolbox

NOTE: This page is for the Windows version. Get the Mac version here.

The Guitarator Toolbox is three applications in one!

In the Toolbox, you'll find the Chorderator, the Scalerator, and the Chord Designer.

NOTE: Guitarator Toolbox for Windows is now FREE. If you purchased it recently and would like a refund, shoot me a note.

Watch a demonstration screencast

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The Chorderator - Shows how to play any chord you can dream up, plus lists all possible inversions and suggested substitutions.

The Scalerator - Look up scales. Learn how to play them in any position. Hear what they sound like. Find related chords and scales.

The Chord Designer - Came up with a chord and want to know what it's called? Want to experiment with adding, removing, or changing notes in a chord? That's what the chord designer is for.


System Requirements: Any version of Windows.
Price: FREE